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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1
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In Year 1 there is a shift in expectations from small group to whole class teaching, with children working increasingly independently. This is done gradually and following transition discussions with the Reception staff. Year 1 staff are flexible and ensure all children are appropriately catered for (some children may be able to work for longer periods and will be challenged to do so, some may need to continue the learning journey from Reception and their provision will reflect this). In the Autumn term our classrooms will mirror those in Reception and the focus will be on small group activities and learning through play. In Year 1 children also have regular opportunities to further their learning outdoors.


Class 3 have PE every Tuesday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor).
Class 4 have PE every Thursday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor).

Please make sure they have their full P.E. kit in school all week.


Your child will have a homework book and will receive a half termly home / school links letter (similar to Reception’s).
The emphasis shifts in 
Year 1 and the expectation is that your child will complete the work (with your support).

Sets Information

Year 1 have two mixed ability sets  and one support set for literacy and 3 ability sets for numeracy which enable us to provide rich, tailored learning experiences that fully support and challenge all pupils. Your child may have different teachers for these subjects.


Year 1 have a range of exciting half termly topics including: Small Me, Big World, Toy Story, Reach for the Stars, Food Glorious Food, Heroes and Dragons, Summer at the Seaside.

Long term plan

Year 1 - Long term plan